Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#photoadayJuly 2012

Hello Blog friends!

I am writing this intro on July 2nd to this post which will be frequently edited as a draft through out the month with my entries to the #photoadayJuly 2012 challenge photos just like it did in June. But for this month is a bit special on the entry dates. Because I will be tour guiding in July, August and September, all the entries will be late on uploading but I'll try to take the photos on the designated days. 

Anu Harchu

The List: Quite exciting list, isn't it? But I see some entries are looping. | Day 1. self portrait: sorry I neglected and used one previously uploaded to my instagram

Day 2. busy: busily typing away, by holding my phone with my left hand makes this picture NOT look busy (ugh) | Day 3. best part of my day: seeing my papa for lunch

UPDATE: I am so sorry that I didn't continue with the challenge. LOL.