Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taupe | M.A.C Lipstick

If you have been reading my blog frequently this year, you might have noticed that I am getting more and more obsessed with make-up, especially lipsticks. I am not trying to become a beauty guru or anything, just trying to find the perfect shades of lipsticks for myself - the perfect red, brown, pink and natural. And I think I found my perfect brown with the help from my friend since childhood - Mindy and Nikki.

It's M.A.C's lipstick in TAUPE, with matte finish from its permanent collection. Although it might appear very very deep brown in the photos, take it at my words - it's not. It's the perfect "heavy-natural" shade for daily use. I think I'll get quite a use out of it in this Autumn.

What is your favourite lipstick lately?