Sunday, September 23, 2012

#photoadayAug 2012

Last month, I didn't manage to finish the #photoadayJuly challenge due to a lot of travelling into countryside where there is no internet connection and scarcity of battery charging. LOL. This month of August might be the same, but we'll see how it goes. Here I'll start editing this draft by inserting the photo from my Instagram everyday, if I can.
- Anu

UPDATE: Sorry I didn't really upload or take photos during my tour guiding job.

#photoadayAug challenge list by fatmumslim | Day 1. Outside: Hovsgol Lake | Day 2. One: way to use coffee beans waste - brush holder!!!

Day 3. Coin: is the intended purpose, but we use it for change | Day 4. Somewhere you sat: In the middle @ Playtime 2012 ( featuring Nomiujka and Dull_Guun ) | Day 5. Logo: Playtime 2012 Music Festival