Monday, November 12, 2012

20121111 | Colour on the Door and Arts Day

You know, when I was a kid how my mom keeps changing and redecourating our home baffled me. Now I think I am that way. Once I got out of my bed just before midnight to rearrange stuff in my room. This time, I've painted. Not the entire room, but the door and the window frame. Here you'll get some snapshots of my work on the door. Tada!!!! The colour is Tikkurila K375, by the way (I think).


Me being completely forgot about the awesome event that was happening at the iLoft, I finished the room project and with Nomin and Gus Gus headed towards the "Монголын Орчин Үеийн Урлаг Сонирхогч Залуусын Өдөрлөг" 2012.


Click here for the whole set of photos on Flickr.
Click here for Саарал ( Grey ) Photography's set on her Facebook page.