Monday, December 31, 2012

20121231 | The Last Evening of the Year

Picture courtesy to Tekist Dec 28, 2012.
For our family, it's been like this for at least the last 6 years : my mom and I prepare a big portion of Russian table salad, bring a large pot of it to our grandparents in the late afternoon, have a New Year dinner with my extended family (uncles and cousins and stuff), go back home before it gets crazy outside and hope for our luck that we will be up when the clock struck.

Today, me and my sister prepared the salad. When going back home, we took the bus - first, it was empty and second they are pretty much the Flash in the new traffic regulations. Interestingly as I was listening to my audiobook, a nice, tall guy with a red, I mean real red, bow tie comes in and walks by to the back. I swear everyone's head turned. A very nice vibe went around (I think). From the next stop, two girls who seemed to have just celebrated or something comes in carrying a bouquet of yellow roses came on and sit in front of me.

The whole thing was kinda bizarre in a good way. Red bow tie and bouquet of yellow ... I have a good feeling about what's coming.

Happy New Year everyone,

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rouge Roulette | CD Lipstick


The lipstick obsession has been revealing itself quite strongly recently. Me being a complete red lip lunatic, I fell in love with Christian Dior's alarming red and most importantly matte lipstick in 013 Rouge Roulette (Rouge Bingo / Roulette Red) from Rouge Diorific line back in early November (I think).

It is a very nice, long-wearing, true colour lipstick that has a very good colour give off with matte finish, which property I am particularly in love with. I understand it is too much for everyday wear, but me being me - I would still wear it even to school. LOL. Now it has become my new favourite.

What is your favourite for the perfect red lips?


20121223 Class New Year Outing | Anu Vlogs

Last week our college classmates rented a house in Nukht and "celebrated" New Year beforehand and gave the last of our Secret Santa gifts to our Secret Santa, instead of getting present from one person all the way. Anyway, here is a video on how it went, even though there isn't much, and the photos taken however crappy quality they are. Lol.


Farewell, O!

Oyunbold, a fellow trouble maker, has called me today saying "My dear, I am going to the States tomorrow morning. Will be about 4 years. Stay well." That's just like him.

An here I want to wish him great success and joy in his new chapter of study also in life. Be alive you damn fool and stay a good friend that you are.


Feb 20, 2011 - the first photo of us together (photo credit to Terka) | Oct 30, 2012 - and the last photo of us together (technically) (photo credit to Grey)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

20121227 | The Reunion

My friend Mindy has been in town for a while, but Nikki and I haven't been able to find time to see her. (well, Mindy's and my free-time haven't intertwined). Today, we MADE time. Loved having lunch with you guys and having you over.

The make-up session.

group photo!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Psychopath Test: A Journey through the Madness Industry | Anu Reads

Jon Ronson talks about his 2009 book The Psychopath Test on TED in March 2012. And after seeing the video I became acutely aware of the fact that me having read the book (which rarely happens because of my glibness (0.0)).

Anyway, thanks to Indra for giving me the Kindle with this book still downloaded, I got to read this interesting though at the same time scary story by Jon Ronson.

Monday, December 17, 2012

East Asian Development Model

Hello my lovelies,

Greetings from the dead of night. Well, morning to be more exact (it's 3:47 am). I've just finished my term paper on East Asian Development Model for my Economic Development Model class. So I am sharing it here.

Cutting it pretty close, and there are other 3 papers to be finished as well. Wish me luck and success for me making it through this semester and the finals without failing (well, succeeding would be better).


Saturday, December 15, 2012

1Q84 | Anu Reads

Finished it, finally finished it. I've been obsessing over this 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami for weeks now (well, two to be exact). I am sorry for the crap quality of the video content (not really), but I just wanted to do it. Read more books with me.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scissor Sisters - Let's Have a Kiki | Song of the Day

Gotta admit that the Kiki song has been in my mind and mouth for full 2 days and that's good. Sassy and there is something that is very alluring.

Shut the doors TIGHT!

20121212 | Tsuivan and a Dwarf

Hello my lovelies,
Greetings for the once in a century occasion : 1212121212 (AM and PM are different matter). I hope you're having a successful last weeks of the semester, unlike me. LOL.

So Wednesday it is - only one French period and that's it. Beginning the morning or the day with a breakfast/lunch made by my friend, Enhjin, was pleasant and long awaited one.

What a drag to spend 3 hours getting to and going from school to attend an hour-and-a-half class. But I got a picture, in which I look like a dwarf. LOL, again.

Trailers #4

Here comes another wave of Trailers whose movies I am totally excited about. This time there are only 2 of them for I've already exhausted the ones I was following. Enjoy!

Star Trek Into Darkness - 17 May 2013

I am not exactly a fan of Star Trek, but just Benedict Cumberbatch being cast in it, is enough to make me watch it. LOL. Sorry.

Man of Steel - 14 June 2013

And Henry Cavill as Clark Kent!!! Go British men!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

20121208 Open Mic | Anu Vlogs

Last Saturday, Dec 8th, Tilo Valo, Khulan Jugder, Tekist and I went to UBean Coffee House and Roasterie for its weekly Open Mic evenings, especially for AMtime's performance, of which she has promised us (here I mean Tilo Valo). (When I met her in person, I instantly remembered that I've seen her in class - and she told me that she used to go to a same school as me. Oh, the irony and my forgetful nature.)

I could see that the people who performed really prepared with good heart, and it kinda made me to pick up my guitar too. Wish me luck, I might start singing, filming myself and posting it on YouTube. Lol. Probably not.

P.S. UBean's brownies are divine by the way.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Crash Course | Biology

I've finished watching Crash Course | World History and it's time to start Crash Course | Biology, in which Hank Green from the Vlog Brothers teaches Biology on YouTube.

I don't really know much about Biology in general, but I used to be a Physics competition contestant and did pretty good. So, I hope it won't be way to hard to understand after winding and rewinding couple of times. Please join in if you're interested.

Why I Hate School but Love Education || Spoken Word

Browsing through your blog feed actually helps you to find something inspiring and makes you do something - not anything.

Found this video by sulibreezy embedded on Enqush's blog. I hope you find it inspiring as well.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

AMTime (Чими Ка) - Gray

Thanks to my weirdly close friend Tilo Valo, I've just discovered a very aspiring artist AMTime and here is my most favourite song of hers, with the cutest and most relate-able

I hope you (whoever you are, however you stumble upon this post) will enjoy her art as much as (even more) I do.

Monday, December 3, 2012

20121202 Madame Butterfly | Anu Vlogs

I feel like as if I am doing a Vlogmas ... (it's a project or a dare to vlog every single day until Christmas throughout the month of December, thus making 25 videos, if you haven't known it already)

But here is another vlog on the second day of December.

P.S. Should I do it even though I don't celebrate Christmas?

Crash Course | World History

Earlier this year John and Hank Green from the VlogBrothers started another channel - CRASH COURSE, in which both of them concentrate on different scientific subjects - Hank on natural and John on social, with other professionals on the video editing, sound and visual effects. And it's very very very interesting.

Due to my summer job, I've missed so many episodes and when I came back into town, I just kept putting it off. Now, it's time to catch up. First of, WORLD HISTORY playlist!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

20121201 | Badma's Birthday | Anu Vlogs

December is finally here, and now we can get excited about New Year's without being booed for November being too early for that. Yaaay! Get excited even if you don't want to! (like me)

Anyway, December 1st - the World AIDS Day, show your support on this day AND every other day of the years to come by for fighting against HIV/AIDS with however way you can and contribute.

Secondly, today is my college friend Badma's birthday and you can find more in the vlog down below. Send your good wishes towards her.