Tuesday, December 11, 2012

20121208 Open Mic | Anu Vlogs

Last Saturday, Dec 8th, Tilo Valo, Khulan Jugder, Tekist and I went to UBean Coffee House and Roasterie for its weekly Open Mic evenings, especially for AMtime's performance, of which she has promised us (here I mean Tilo Valo). (When I met her in person, I instantly remembered that I've seen her in class - and she told me that she used to go to a same school as me. Oh, the irony and my forgetful nature.)

I could see that the people who performed really prepared with good heart, and it kinda made me to pick up my guitar too. Wish me luck, I might start singing, filming myself and posting it on YouTube. Lol. Probably not.

P.S. UBean's brownies are divine by the way.