Monday, December 31, 2012

20121231 | The Last Evening of the Year

Picture courtesy to Tekist Dec 28, 2012.
For our family, it's been like this for at least the last 6 years : my mom and I prepare a big portion of Russian table salad, bring a large pot of it to our grandparents in the late afternoon, have a New Year dinner with my extended family (uncles and cousins and stuff), go back home before it gets crazy outside and hope for our luck that we will be up when the clock struck.

Today, me and my sister prepared the salad. When going back home, we took the bus - first, it was empty and second they are pretty much the Flash in the new traffic regulations. Interestingly as I was listening to my audiobook, a nice, tall guy with a red, I mean real red, bow tie comes in and walks by to the back. I swear everyone's head turned. A very nice vibe went around (I think). From the next stop, two girls who seemed to have just celebrated or something comes in carrying a bouquet of yellow roses came on and sit in front of me.

The whole thing was kinda bizarre in a good way. Red bow tie and bouquet of yellow ... I have a good feeling about what's coming.

Happy New Year everyone,