Wednesday, December 5, 2012

AMTime (Чими Ка) - Gray

Thanks to my weirdly close friend Tilo Valo, I've just discovered a very aspiring artist AMTime and here is my most favourite song of hers, with the cutest and most relate-able

I hope you (whoever you are, however you stumble upon this post) will enjoy her art as much as (even more) I do.

Coffee in the mornings 
Bus to school 
Where I saw familiar faces 
It was not so cool 
Homework, deadlines 
Cool professors 
Million dollar ideas 
Were being wasted 
Buzzy hangouts 
Every other weekends 
Counting the days 
Till I graduate

Same old gray days 
Same old lame days

Then you decided to 
Pick me up 
I didn't really mind 
Having fun 
All of a sudden 
Gray days were over 
Out of the blue 
It was me and you 
Parks and dinners 
I wrote happy songs 
Rainbows and butterflies 
Inside my tummies 
I waited for your calls 
You read my text 
At the end of the day 
You're at my door

Gray days were over 
Over the gray days

But the calendar quickly 
Turned pages 
The graduation day was 
May twentieth 
I had to move back 
Home soon 
I was scared to death of 
Losing you 
Hoping to get you 
Say to me 
Together we can stand 
Against anything 
I said we should prolly stop 
Seeing eachother 
Those words 
Brought back to me

Same old gray days 
Same old lame days