Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Journal Entry 20130130

When I first signed up to Blogspot back in 2009, the blogsphere was already big with big time bloggers and it seemed like the posts and entries to those blogs were intimidatingly huge. I mean checking out people's blogs - I didn't really know about foreign community, but the Mongolian bloggers were all about philosophy, criticism, journalism and other big topics. And you gotta see how long and full of content these entries are - each, which obviously intimidated me. Still do. Because I am not a long writer - by which I mean I literally cannot write long passages. I find it to time consuming and "topic-circling" to go on and on about one subject before finally getting to the point. (No offense) If my professors and teachers give me an assignment of essay with like 5-6 pages or something, I would literally and figuratively panic, full on.

At this point of this post, I find continuing on with this subject relatively hard compared to when I first started typing. So why not end it like a half drunk rambling that Mark Zuckerberg makes in the beginning of The Social Network?


P.S. It's Day 2 of me getting sick 3rd time this winter. Hate getting sick!!!