Wednesday, February 20, 2013

20130220 | Journal Entry

If you haven't already known, I am a Mongolian Turkish school alumna; even after graduation our female teachers and resident advisers (Turkish students who are studying in Mongolian Universities and staying at our dormitory) invite us over dinner or tea for some quality time and just talk. Isn't that nice? We get so much kindness towards us and I, sometimes, get a little bit ashamed that I am not able to return the favour.

Yesterday, some of our ablas invited 09' and 10' alumni for a dinner at the new dormitory for the university students studying in UB and graduate from MTSs. While having some tea, one told us that we are constantly getting older an younger, and older and younger, and older and younger; when you get into elementary school you're the youngest and then 4th grade you're the oldest, in middle school it's the same, in high school it's the same, in uni it's the same, in work field it's the same as well if you don't end up working in a same place for 20 years, which is not likely in these days.

Don't worry about getting old, or time is slipping through our hands. Every day is a new experience and you're a rookie. We haven't reached the place where we can say "The best and most memorable days are still ahead of us." is not true anymore.

- Anu

P.S. Happy Birthday Terka!!!!