Thursday, March 14, 2013

DANCE DANCE DANCE by Haruki Murakami | Read Log

Earth to Anu, cos she has been floating in the surreal clouds for so long with her beloved Haruki Murakami's novels. This time the item involved in crime was his 2007 novel, Dance Dance Dance.
Goodreads description: In this sequel to A Wild Sheep Chase, Murakami displays his talent to brilliant effect. The unnamed narrator, a muddled freelance writer, is 34 and no closer to finding happiness than he was in the previous book. Divorced, bereaved and abandoned by his various lovers, he is drawn to the Dolphin Hotel--a strange and lonely establishment where Kiki, a woman he once lived with, "upped and vanished." Kiki and The Sheep Man, an odd fellow who wears a sheepskin and speaks in a toneless rush, visit the narrator in visions that lead him to two mysteries, one metaphysical (how to survive the unsurvivable) and the other physical (a call girl's murder). In his searchings, he encounters a clairvoyant 13-year-old, her misguided parents and a one-armed poet.