Monday, April 29, 2013

THE HOST by Andrew Niccol | Watch Log

I am not gonna lie. I watched The Host because I read the book by Stephenie Meyer. What surprises me most is that the production company made a film adaptation of a book which is a part of a series that has only the first book finished so far. Right? Right? Someone please agree with me?

Anyway, the most lovable character and performance was that of Diana Kruger as the antagonist. I think she delivered a beautiful performance of a shaking Seeker.
While Saoirse Ronan delivered a convincing performance as an alien entity, the male characters didn't have a chance to stand out. Somehow the film had such a small number of characters that you can actually follow every one's line. But there wasn't much given at that front.

I shall say I was surprised to see Emily Browning in this film. She is such a shorty in this one, isn't she? Her acting was stiff I would say. (what was up with her face? Did she get a botox or was it always been like this?) Still I really much liked her presence.

The Host isn't really recommended for those who haven't read the book for it is pretty boring story line as far as the film goes; and if I haven't read the book, I would have questioned my ability to choose an interesting film. (Read my 3 year old book review by clicking here)

I hope it helped, and I hope I'll see you soon on a video for my laptop is not cooperating with me on editing video files.