Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Boyfriend

Tell me you were at least a little bit excited when you read the title of this post even though you knew it can't be. Anyway, I'll proceed as if you did.

My trusty old Acer had been showing signs of dying on me for a while now and it did. So I decided it was time that I get another upgraded one since I had my old one for a while now. My old Acer with its Nirvana sticker is still sitting on my desk but it won't cooperate with me in typing and video editing anymore.


With this new machine, I feel more inspired to do more work, especially writing either it's for my blog or for my own novella. Plus, the additional RAM would help me edit my videos in a more advanced editing programmes - you'll know when I start uploading better edited videos. I've had this baby since April 27th; and I shall say that configuring new piece of technology to my own use from the scratch feels soooo good (such a nerd inside of me).

I hope you are all doing well.