Sunday, June 30, 2013

20130630 End of the First Half of the Year

Photo courtesy to @Gerel
Hello people of the internet,

I'll let you in on a little secret. By now some people are aware that I have a little bit of OCD in formation. I love it when the 1st of any month is on Monday and you can know what day of the week it is by dividing the date in 7 and using what's left. Gotta love those. So, because of the last day of June is on Sunday, the fore-mentioned peculiarity is happening next month. Kinda cool! (no, it isn't, Anu. No, it isn't)

My first half of the 2013 ended on a cool day and a lot has happened for the last 6 months, of whose experience I would never forget. How was your last 6 months? And please let me know if you have an OCD, too.

Thank you for going through this with me,
Anu Harchu