Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I voted, have you?

Hello people of the internet,

If you think that I am writing this post to endorse anyone, you're wrong. So please continue reading.

Considering that the last couple of days in Ulaanbaatar was gloomy weather-wise, today was a sunny one. Though I personally like cool and gloomy weather, I hope the sun shining has encouraged you to get up from your bed early on this holiday and cast your vote for the Presidential candidate you prefer. If you haven't found time to get to your local voting booth yet, please go there before the casting hour is over.

Voting is not just having a day off and lounging around without any refreshments, because it's forbidden on the election day. It's about owning your rights and serving your responsibility at the same time. It's not only your right that you get to choose whoever that will represent you in the next 4 years in the international community, it's about you contributing to the democracy that is our society now and making the system work as efficiently as possible. It's better that you voted rather than bitching around later for that the one you wanted didn't get elector or so.

I understand that this year's candidates aren't as popular among the people as you would like (believe me, I've heard many people complaining that they are not just sharp enough), but that's not the reason to back down. You're a citizen of a democratic society, act like it (if you haven't already of course).

Until next time,
Anu Harchu