Monday, July 1, 2013

20130701 The Reporter's Notebook

It's not a registered reporter's
notebook. If you want one of these,
I got it at the Morning Glory
stationery opposite SDS.
Hello people of the internet,

I would assume that there is no need to mention that how fast the first half of the year passed by. It was just February and now it's July. According to the traditional saying, the Autumn is not just 10 days away, which is though my favourite season, but it feels like we're (I've) missed the Summer. The real summer. Anyway, no need to complain about that.

Funny story, I used a full size reporters notebook at my work for everyday note-taking, until it just out of nowhere disappeared. For the life of me, I couldn't find it at work, at home, at anywhere. Which is quite sad. I loved that notebook. Oh well, now it had be replaced. So, today I bought a smaller, lemon yellow, top-spiraled notebook from Morning Glory. Say hello to my everyday partner from now on, Lemon, and her slim friend, the Pen.

Until next time,
Anu Harchu

P.S. I am quite psyched that I would be able to meet my two oldest friends who happened to be born on a same day. Isn't that interesting?