Sunday, July 14, 2013

PlayTime Music Festival 2013 | Upcoming Event

PlayTime Music Festival 2012 Day One
August 4th
with Nomin Enkh-Amgalan
Hello people of the internet,

You might as well have already heard of it, but I am gonna say it anyway. This year's PlayTime Music Festival is in 2 weeks. The website is up, the line-up is up, the location is set (well, we all knew where is was going to be) and the tickets will start to be sold at HiFi stores tomorrow.

They have 2-day-single-ticket, 2nd-day-single-ticket and packet tickets for 5 or 10 this year. (If I am not mistaken, they only had packet ticket for 5 last year) And I hear they are going to offer tickets with special deals soon. The prices doubled since last year, but I don't think many people are complaining about it.

So, are we going?

Until next time,