Saturday, August 10, 2013

Volum' Express The Rocket | Maybelline Mascara

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Hello people of the internet,

This is one of the rare posts that I come out and take about girly stuff like make-up, and this one is about a mascara that I picked up yesterday - Volum' Express The Rocket from Maybelline. I remember Estee from essiebutton talking about hating it and then loving it. So when I was waiting for a friend in the department store I saw it in the display, I wanted to try it out myself.

I can tell you upfront the wand doesn't look that impressive. It's pretty simple - which I like. The other drugstore mascaras like the Falsies and the Telescopics make my eyelashes look pretty good - like a false eyelashes. But the Rocket does look pretty natural, yet making me look like I actually have lashes. LOL. It volumises your lashes instantly with a wand that has a microsonic bristles. It holds curls well and doesn't make my eyes look like a raccoon and it doesn't clump. And the colour is great - Blackest Black.

If you're interested, it's 15,000 tugriks at the State Department Store, which is about 10 USD - not a bad deal.


P.S. The lipstick is Revlon Matte 010 Wine Not.