Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thor: The Dark World | Watch Log

Hello people of the internet,

For those who are Marvel movie followers, whether you're a hard-core Marvel comics fan who want to expand your love by going to the movies or a newly engaged fans, like me, who are enjoying the movies because of the amazing animations and the impeccable cast choice, you are in for a treat this time. I understand the trailer wasn't as engaging (watch the trailer here), but seems like the studio intentionally makes them to be a bit boring so that when you are actually in the theatre, you'll be blown away. Thor: The Dark World did that exactly for me.

Thor was pretty Thor-ish and oh my god, Loki you are incredible. I'll stop the commentary now so that I won't spoil you anything, and trust me you don't want it spoiled. Come to think of it, it's interesting that British actors make such a good villain; and some villains just win your heart over the hero (ex. Loki, Joker and the Darth Vader).

This film made $86 million on its opening weekend, if I a not mistaken. And that's for a good reason. Here is my reaction just after watching this film. Disclaimer: to much chattering, too much emotion and loss of word.


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