Sunday, March 9, 2014

20140308 | IWD2014 + N&N SweetLand

Hello people of the internet,

First of all, happy International Women's Day! Earlier yesterday I was reading a tweet by +Marina and The Diamonds saying "To those who can't see the point of International Women's  Day: you're the reason it exists." and I retweeted it. How can anyone not? Empower women and support gender equality.
How this day entailed for me was fun. @Indralina , @Nomiujka and I went to an opening of a sweet shop called N&N's Sweetland which was so cute with its cups, delicacies even it's bathroom. I am all chuffed up for sweets for the month from my visit to the cafe. And they have MACAROONs!!!! Try the mint one if you get any chance to drop by.