Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life Lessons from H.I.M.Y.M

  1. Nothing good every happens after 2 A.M.
  2. Don't chase after what doesn't work. Let the universe take over.
  3. Things happen for a reason.
  4. Don't ever give up crazy times with your friends.
  5. Miracles happen.
  6. Things you may not have liked before may not be that bad later on.
  7. Perfect isn't always perfect.
  8. Some people have expiration dates.
  9. Wait for it...
  10. Don't postpone joy.
  11. The important moments shouldn't be wasted, because you can't get them back.
  12. Be clear about the things you say.
  13. The most important people in your life are the ones you can picture sitting on a porch with.
  14. The talk is one of the worst things ever, but it is important.
  15. You're not looking for someone who accepts your quirks, you're looking for someone who loves them, cherishes them, and loves you more as a person because of them.
  16. Some people are worth a lot of work to keep around.
  17. Get out of the house, go for a walk, get a bagel.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Sand Storm, a film debut of Ai Weiwei is on track

Ai Weiwei is in a film!

The Sand Storm is a low-fi, sci-fi short film set in a dystopian world where water becomes scarce commodity where Ai Weiwei plays a role of a smuggler. I presume he is water-smuggler, duh? According to the cast, it's not only about water, it's about human nature as well. The crew was filming this film in Beijing under the scrutiny of the local government and in secret from the rest of the world.

Before finishing the film, the film crew has requested to crowdfund the film on Kickstarter. Because of the information leak, they waited to crowdfund after filming it. Though they had pledged to raise $33K in 33 days, the goal has been reached in 3 days. Since then the amount of backed money has almost doubled. I guess people really want to see the film.

Since the Chinese government has taken away Ai Weiwei's passport, he can't legally leave the country. But a funny to find out that he has starred in a film when he got out of 'inprisonment' by paying a million dollar penalty to the officials. And did you know he had put forward his exhibition in Berlin? All that's missing is Ai Weiwei himself for the reason mentioned above. One thing that struck me of the exhibition was he painted a bunch of ancient Han dynasty's clay vases with car paints and displayed them - hence showing his rebellion.


360° Panoramic Video Creates the Illusion of a Man Riding a Bike around a Tiny World

Hello people of the internet,

I've just stumbled upon this video and it seemed so cool that I wanted to share it with you. German photographer and journalist Jonas Ginter has created this nifty video of a man cycling through a tiny world by recording himself and his surroundings by 6 GoPro cameras on top of his head. Anyone want to try and recreate it with me?