Sunday, September 28, 2014

20140928 | First Driving Lesson

So today I went to my very first driving school practice lesson in the freezing cold of weather. It was snowing when me and Duuya got to the place but after two hours or so we were done. But not so fast, us and another guy in our car, we drove the car into the town on our very first day. How insane is that?

With the first snow of this winter coming in, you can't help but feel the indoors coziness creeping into your system slowly. Days get shorter, dusk approaches faster, cold gets worse, indoors seems nice and you just want to cuddle up there with a hot beverage of you choice without doing any work and read a book or watch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory or American Horror Story or whatever show you're following then.

Here is to a great winter and me getting through driving school, which I should have completed 5 years ago when my classmates were obsessed to finish and get their driving licenses. I wasn't just there I suppose.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anu Goes to Social Good Summit Mongolia

I loved these IDs. It had the attendants'
name and the agenda of the event.
Designer: Nemus.
Hello people of the internet,

I was able to go to the very first Social Good Summit in Mongolia last Saturday. This United Nations Foundation, UNDP and Mashable organized event that started in New York has reached more than 70 countries in its becoming. This year the UNFPA, UNDP and CCE along with very active and generous volunteers, they have managed to pull off the #2030NOW event in Ulaanbaatar successfully.

All in all, the meet-up was made up with one main speaker and 4 panel discussions each with its own speaker. I was one of the moderator of the four panel. The panels were all connected to how information technology can improve with Social Enterprise, Women, Democracy etc. I believe the declaration we all came up with from the panels were very well rounded and doable in until the year of 2030. (read the declaration in Mongolian here) 

It was my first time to be moderating any panel, and I think it went very well judging by the people's reaction and organizers comments, which is always nice. Glad that hours of research and late night logging in to the New York event on the previous day. And I hope my effort was well received. Looking forward to the realization of the declaration and getting involved in more of these types of events.

Please visit UNDP Mongolia's Facebook page for more photo and don't forget to hit the SGS's official feed on Mashable.

- Anu

ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS trilogy by Stephanie Perkins | Read Log

Hello people of the internet,

I was watching tyrannosauruslexxx's video on books the other day and she mentioned Isla and the Happily Ever After which is the third installment in Anna and the French Kiss trilogy, first book of which I was meaning to read (I don't know why). So reminded of my old task, I've got the three book on audio. (you gotta praise someone who came up with books on tape, so handy when you're travelling)

This is about a girl named Anna who is sent to study her last year of high school in Paris of all places and finds her soul mate. Though the idea of spending a whole year in Paris with dorm full of kids your age who has bucks on their side, away from any parental supervision, studying French sounds crazy and awesome at the same time, Anna and the French Kiss is about finding yourself.

I found Anna's finding herself part a bit annoying, because she is a drama queen to some extent and her world centers around her. Well, it is her world. I liked the outcome of this novel. How dealing with your 'problems' on your own is overlooked sometimes is sad. But not this time.

I have to say from the beginning that you don't have to read all the novels in order. It is basically all a separate installment and completely stand alone.

Lola is an adopted daughter of a same sex family living it San Francisco. Stereo-typically, Lola is very 'colourful' person with a nack for ostentatious and attention grabbing clothes.

Though you feel like you're more mature, the childish side always shows up. The characters in this book are the perfect example of this kind of behaviour. I shall say they are more real than the characters in the Anna and the French Kiss.

Not sure how this sounds, but Isla was the most realistic character in the Anna and the French Kiss trilogy. Though the students in the American School in Paris are pretty rich kids running around complaining that they can't get all of what they want.

But at least their reactions toward teenage stuff were actually teenage-like and adorable and stupid, stupid in a cute way. It's almost like you're growing up with the characters of the series, the 'seriousity' grows along the timeline. Totally recommended.

Thought all of the three books are in a set, all of them can be stand-alone novels. The characters from the previous books shows up in small parts in the later books - not too much be considered as spoilers. (depends on what you think of as a spoiler)

- Anu

Monday, September 15, 2014

Anu goes to TEDxUlaanbaatar 2014

Hello people on the internet,

I went to the TEDxUlaanbaatar event the other day,for a whole day of inspiration and motivation, and inspiration did I find. The speakers included Asher Svidensky, Lkhagva Erdene and Erdenedalai "Eddie" Purev. You can check out TEDxUlaanbaatar's website for the details of the speakers.

Besides the 9 live speakers each section include an original speech from the TED event, two of whose books I've read before: Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in the World That Can't Stop Talking, and Jon Ronson, author A Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry.

IMG20140913337 IMG20140913339

Sunday, September 14, 2014

73 Questions with Anna Wintour

Hello people of the internet,

I am subscribed to over 190 accounts on YouTube. It doesn't mean that I watch all of them all the time. But when this video - "Anna Wintour on Brooklyn, the Rumours, and the One Thing She Will Never Wear - 73 Questions" on the Vogue channel, heavens forbid, I've clicked on it immediately. 

It is obvious that the answers were rehearsed, just like other '73 Questions' segment, but it doesn't make them false. Anna Wintour is definitely the most influential figures of our time - on more things that you might actually aware. I was in love with everything that involved her since I translated a 'Game Changers' TV programme on her last year.

Anyway, if you'd like to see other '73 Questions' segments on Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker, keep on watching the playlist above.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass | Read Log

Hello people of the internet,

Sometime in the past, I saw Indra saying that regretted starting The Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass and after the first installment, she just gave up. Taking that indirect advice, I laid off of it. When the third and last book came out, I just somehow downloaded the whole trilogy on audio and started listening. You know what was Indra's comment when I logged by first update on Goodreads? She said "Noooooo! Why would you bother with this book????". (Yes, I hunted down the actual comment on Goodreads to write that up.)

Thought I would do a video on the trilogy once I finish them. (seemed a bit too excessive to do one on each of them) But I am not going to do a video. So, I am writing a blog about it. Here is what I thought about the series. I hope you'd enjoy.

Book One : The Selection

First thing is first, the protagonist's name is America. Are you kidding me??? The need to have the readers, who are mostly American young girls, like her is so overly done that it's borderline irritating.

Second, when you're a singer and you know that you've got a talent, no amount of suppression is going to eliminate that self-value and ego from an artist. So the character building seemed off hand. Almost like Bella from Twilight Saga is described to be so smart but her actions prove otherwise. In fact, America and Bella are the same in this way. Fake characters no matter how natural and down-to-earth they are written up to be.

Three - What kind of dumb idea is that to construct regal system from the ash way down the future. It's just too costly and the society is messed up in that sense. (Well, at least I agree with the main character on it. But for quite different reasons.) 

Book Two : The Elite

At least that crazy house of thirty-something girls (I can't even remember how many there were) is reduced to six now. Now everything is going to be at least smarter and less of a hustle. Well, dream on.

Having a drama between two men is understandable. Having that between a prince and a royal guard??? What kind of fairy tale is that? Who gives a sh*t?

Don't even get me started on the differences of the rebels. Southern and Northern. If what was left from any attack can be picked up by a suppressed, oblivious prince, any professional already had got the gist of it. Also, Southern and Northern are just very derivative name for groups of activist.

Moreover, there is the issue of diplomacy. If the Germany and Italian delegates were so important (which they completely are and should be), the protocol issues have to be handled with trained professionals - not a couple of teenage girls who knows nothing about history of their own county for crying out loud. Thus, illogical reality, AGAIN.

Book Three : The One

Make up your mind America. If it has to take a prince to convince you that you're worthy of being a princess, you're not worth it. Well, when the royal family is in charge of running the country - not like a parliamentary constitutional monarchy like United Kingdom. You're literally caring the day-to-day lives of your subjects. A royal family member of that kind of system has to be simply... better.

A prince goes out on a suicide mission with a-soon-to-be-a-princess guarded by only 2 guards. I don't care how good they are, they are outnumbered. Simple routine. And one of them was with the guard less than ... a year? *illogical captain strikes again*

OVERALL : 2 STARS just for the heck of it.
VERDICT : DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. You're right, Indra.

I hope the negative sentiment and my spoilers ruined any possibility of you ever reading these horrid books. And if you've already read it, I feel you bro/sis. If you actually liked it, go pick up The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.