Sunday, September 28, 2014

20140928 | First Driving Lesson

So today I went to my very first driving school practice lesson in the freezing cold of weather. It was snowing when me and Duuya got to the place but after two hours or so we were done. But not so fast, us and another guy in our car, we drove the car into the town on our very first day. How insane is that?

With the first snow of this winter coming in, you can't help but feel the indoors coziness creeping into your system slowly. Days get shorter, dusk approaches faster, cold gets worse, indoors seems nice and you just want to cuddle up there with a hot beverage of you choice without doing any work and read a book or watch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory or American Horror Story or whatever show you're following then.

Here is to a great winter and me getting through driving school, which I should have completed 5 years ago when my classmates were obsessed to finish and get their driving licenses. I wasn't just there I suppose.