Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hello people of the internet,

It's been a long time since I did a video on my YouTube channel. So I am making one, though the quality of the lighting and the lack of editing is might not be satisfactory, I thought I should upload it anyway.

So here it is. My Watch Log on INTERSTELLAR, a Christopher Nolan film.

- Anu

Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas is in the Air

20141127 Christmas is Coming

Hello people of the internet,

As the coming of December looms on us, the most horrible time of the year comes along. Sometimes I wonder if the celebrations are all bundled up together in the last months of a year just to cover up the fact that it is just morbid. Though the shot I just got from in front of the Central Tower still features greenness in it, the temperature in Ulaanbaatar is not your friend. I am sure that you will agree with me on that.

What's more is that I almost froze my feet off trying to pass my driving exam - which I didn't pass the first time around. Yeah, I didn't pass. Gotta wait for it until next month.

- Anu

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Freaks - The Hawk in Paris

I Shazamed this song off of a Vampire Diaries episode, I think. Pretty obsessive tune. That's all that this track needs.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

20141111 Single's Day

Hello people of the internet,

Nov 11 or 11/11 is named to be the Single's Day by a few university lads for its abundance of number 1s in the date. Now, Chinese major online retailers, especially Alibaba Group, uses it as a day for huge discount reaching 90%. Last year Alibaba made $5.2 bln in a single day's transaction with the help of discount, or should I say even with discount. Think about it, that's more than half of Mongolia's full year GDP.

I went to Mongolian Software Industry Association's (MOSA) annual event at the ITPark today for reporting on it. And now I am watching the first episode of Sherlock's season 2 right at this moment. Maybe go on to, one of Alibaba Group's affiliates, and shop for something...

What are you doing this Single's Day or rather Friendship Day as others call it.

- Anu

Update: Alibaba Group made $9.3 billion in transaction on Nov. 11. $9.3 billion in only one day.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Think - Kaleida

First of, hit play on the following widget. Then continue reading.

Think of me, I'll never break your heart.
Think of me, you're always in the dark.
I hate your love, your love, your love.
Think of me, you're never in the dark.

Whenever you see a film with a good soundtrack, however improbable the story is, you find yourself enjoying that film quite immensely. That's what happened to me when I watched John Wick yesterday.

Seeing Keanu Reeves back on the silver screen was enjoyable with a role that he wasn't very associated with or have drifted quite far. Keavu Reeves's character, John Wick, is like his other characters, doesn't talk that much. The action scenes were very close to realism and the added psychedelic soundtracks, like the one I am attaching to, made the sequences incredibly satisfying.

I am sure you're gonna enjoy this rendition of Think by Kaleida - the repeat of this song has just replatced Pirate Game as my ringtone a few minutes ago.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Podcast: Serial

Hello people of the internet,

There is the cult culture starting and I wanted to include you in it just in case you haven't noticed. (not saying you haven't, just a suggestion) It is a podcast. iPhones or any other Apple smart devices have this nifty app called podcast, which is a media player that syncs any radio show that you are subscribed. These podcasts have evolved to be much more than radio shows. There are the big ones: RadioLab, Freakonomics, This American Life etc. and there are more internet oriented, talky shows like Hello Internet.

A month ago on This American Life's podcast, they broadcast the first episode of Serial - This American Life's sister podcast in Lehman's terms. With my habit of listening every episode of the podcasts that I am subscribed to, I just went on hearing that episode. I was hooked ever since. Right after finishing Serial's first episode on This American Life, I went on and subscribed to Serial on iTunes.

Mashable described Serial as such: "Never has a podcast collected a loyal cult following in such a short amount of time like Serial. The nonfiction series, which unravels a story week-by-week, is a spinoff of another popular radio show and podcast, This American Life. Describing the first season of Serial accurately and with justice would be a tumultuous undertaking in itself, but in short, the host and executive producer, Sarah Koenig, investigates the strange story surrounding the murder of a Baltimore high school student Hae Min Lee on January 13, 1999. Currently, Adnan Syed, Lee's ex-boyfriend is serving time for the murder, but he insists that he had nothing to do with her death."

Just as Mashable put it, it IS a captivating story and I am pushing it for my mom to listen to it. I strongly suggest you do too. If you don't have an Apple device with Podcast app, you can follow the show on their Soundcloud. Don't forget to check out their website as well. As of the publication of this post, Serial already has 7 episodes released. I embed the first three episodes for your listening pleasure.

- Anu