Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why did I move my blog to Medium from Tumblr?

I moved my blog. Again. A year ago in February, I wrote a blog post on my very first blog on Blogger titled I am moving to Tumblr from Blogger. Today, I am writing the same story with but with different platforms.

A-year-ago-me was smitten with the idea of posting longish texts with photos, videos, audios and links — types of media that is provided by Tumblr itself on the dashboard; little did I know that I wouldn’t want my hard worked stories like text/video reviews posted to the same page as the Instagram repost of my lunch. Because my videos are horizontal and most Instagram photos are square, the photos seemed to dominate my blog rather than highlight my longer stories. It’s time to separate these medium, hence I went for Medium Publication.

When Medium first launched, I almost moved my blog to it. But then it only had profiles rather than publication. Profiles are really not something that can replace a blog in my mind. But a Publication seems to do the trick. Once you only have one editor and one writer for a publication, it can function as one person’s blog. Another reason I waited was that it wasn’t possible to link custom domain to any profile or publication on Medium, but now you can use custom domain for a publication. Starting today AnuHarchu.com will lead you to my Medium Publication, Anu Harchu | A Life Blog, rather than my Tumblr log.

My lunch pictures on Instagram can be shared to my Facebook or Tumblr, but it won’t dominate my stories anymore. Again, Medium has proven to be champion in making text writing as easy as possible to everyone with one exception — writing in Cyrillic on Medium is just plain ugly.

I believe that this only-one-font-platform would change itself to accommodate those who write in Slavic or any other language that uses Cyrillic.