How did/do you learn English?

Probably because I've started young and I made a hobby out of it instead of treating it something like I have to do. Listening and singing along music, watching a lots of film and reading bunch of modern literature, by which I mean recent and non-classic fiction novels with possibly supernatural effect, helped substantially. Plus, my high school classes were in English, so no way of getting out of it.

What are you studying?/What is your major?

International Economic Relations.

Your favourite coffee?

I usually go with Caffe Latte, but recently it seems like I am more into Americano.

Don't you think you drink too much coffee?


What camera do you use?

This whole vlogging and photo posts started with my little point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot A500, then it gave its place to Nikon Coolpix P500, with which I could shoot HD videos (without much of success in focusing and positioning for it didn't have a flip out screen). Now I use Canon EOS 650D, otherwise known as Rebel T4i or Kiss X6i.